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Blue Zones are small areas around the world where people live much longer than average. This is largely due to daily physical activity, eating a healthy and balanced diet, regular social engagement and making time for family. Based on this philosophy, experienced personal trainer Cormac Byrne has developed a series of programmes, workshops and seminars that offer guidance on fitness, nutrition, health and mindfulness.

BlueZone Fitness specialise in workplace fitness and well-being, online training, sports fitness and personal training.

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           Workplace Fitness

Workplace Fitness

Whether you are a start-up with less than ten employees or a large multinational company, implementing a fitness programme in your workplace has enormous benefits.


           Workplace Fitness

Online Training

Online training is revolutionising the fitness industry. Online fitness programmes offer a more affordable and flexible solution than one-to-one training. 


           Sports Fitness

Sports Fitness

No matter what sport you are involved with, we offer all individuals and clubs the opportunity to train like a pro.


           personal training

Personal Training

Life can be hectic and with everything else going on it can be very difficult to fit exercise, a healthy diet and mental well-being into your daily schedule.



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