Life can be hectic and with everything else going on it can be very difficult to fit exercise, a healthy diet and mental well-being into your daily schedule.
With affordable in-home and in-office personal training sessions we bring the gym to you. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what your fitness level is, we can create a fitness plan just for you.
Personal Training Services:

Our personal training programmes include:
• One-to-one Training Sessions • Small Group / Buddy Training Sessions

• Nutrition Plans & Advice – The nutrition plan features a calculated caloric intake and macros + “sample” diet plan based on the information you provide in our induction survey.

• Weight Loss Programmes – Professional & confidential services including body fat measurements, weekly weigh-ins, ongoing support and specialised nutrition plans.

• Training Safety Advice – Learn to train correctly to avoid causing an injury or aggravating an existing injury.

• Online Fitness Programmes, Weekly Check-Ins & Support

• Online Nutrition & Health Seminars

How does it work? At the initial consultation we use a comprehensive survey to get a better idea of your lifestyle, fitness level and what you would like to achieve with us.

Some of the information we look for includes:
• What is your age?

• What is your weight and height?

• Do you have an existing or previous illness?

• Do you have an existing or previous injury?

• A food journal – to see where you are currently at in relation to nutrition.

• What is your occupation?

• What are your personal goals?

• Have you attempted a fitness goal previously? If yes, why did it not work?
Your goal shouldn’t be numerical, a.k.a. based on jean sizes or the weighing scales! Workout the right way, avoid injury and successfully reach your fitness goals.

“Everyone’s fitness journey is different. Improved ability and well-being are what you should be aiming for. Get fit, get healthy and get in the BlueZone!"

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